5×5 for the 25th

Merry Christmas, everyone!! While I hope all of y'alls latter, colder months have been spent wrapped head to toe in ultimate holiday cheer, this holiday season is feeling a little less festive for me -- it's the first one I haven't spent with any of my immediate family, or truly celebrated in any way (sounds … Continue reading 5×5 for the 25th

3 months, 2 long

H ellllllo angels!  Who would have known that my last "'till next time" would be three months later... wait, heh, we all did, because I. Am. The. Worst. atstickingtopromises. Which I realize makes me sound like a real A+ human, but at least I can admit to my flaws. And it's usually just at sticking … Continue reading 3 months, 2 long

the big 22

HI! been. a. while........... amiright. there is so much i want to share. so so much. i'm cringing at how long it has been since i've last posted -- eeeek. i am truly sorry. i have started three blog posts since last writing and every time, i have gotten completely distracted and the posts have … Continue reading the big 22