the big 22

HI! been. a. while……….. amiright.

there is so much i want to share. so so much. i’m cringing at how long it has been since i’ve last posted — eeeek. i am truly sorry. i have started three blog posts since last writing and every time, i have gotten completely distracted and the posts have (obviously) yet to come to fruitation. and now the list of things i want to share and talk about is so long i’ve decided i need to come up with a buffer post while i finish churning out all my thoughts for that one. *sigh* ya girl really needs to start keepin up.

but i digress. i’m breaking the dry spell now, and that’s what counts. last week i celebrated my 22nd birthday (with plenty of sushi and champagne… and maybe a touch too much titos), and while twenty-two still pretty much feels the exact same as twenty-one, this fresh start has me all inspired to sit down and reflect on the changes and goals i want to focus on during this next ride around the sun. that being said… i present to you my list of twenty-two — 22 things i want to focus on, remember, work through, and achieve during this year.

*forewarning* this post is much longer than i intended it to be, but there’s no way in hell i’m editing it, because well, i like what i said. and i think you will too. so… keep reading 😉

The Year of 22

1.  maintain a healthy lifestyle + hit the gym hard

this past year i have gotten back into the swing of my healthy lifestyle, meaning… i eat relatively clean, i work out consistently, and i’ve been prioritizing my fitness. my introduction to the fitness world came through playing soccer, where our practices focused on a lot of cardio and a lot of weight training. but once college rolled around i stopped going to the gym as often and i got more sucked into studying, friends, and work. occasionally i would go on trail runs and after a while i noticed how much better i felt after i got a good sweat in — my mood improved dramatically and i felt i could see life a little clearer. so when i moved to south carolina i got a membership at Planet Fitness and began to re-familiarize myself with the machines, and pretty soon i was back in my groove, dedicating specific days to target the different areas of my body. it also helped that two of mine and steve’s closest friends (kat and anthony, our roommates now) were also very much dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through working out and eating clean, so we had workout partners and constant support of why it was important to keep doing what we were doing. it’s probably been about a steady six months of me going 5-6 days a week, and now the gym is such an integrated part of my daily routine that i miss it dearly if i skip a couple days and can’t wait to hop back into my flow and get those gains. i’ve started to notice significant progress in my entire body, specifically my quads, arms, and back. seeing results is one of the best feelings ever, and it’s only encouraging me more and more to continue on this journey, head first, guns blazin’. so as 22 begins to unravel, i’m determined to learn as much as possible about weight training and really start focusing on the mind-body connection while i train. i want to begin designing my own 4 to 6 week workout plans, switching up my exercises, developing a morning and night routine where i incorporate yoga, and try kickboxing! (i’ve talked about doing that for so long). i have many fitness inspos that i follow on instagram and youtube, and i know that in order to get to where those women are at, i have to stick with it because they’ve all been at it for several, several years and their stories/journeys are incredible. i’m so excited to look back in three or so years and marvel at all the progress i have made. working out brings me a huuuuge peace of mind, and i love having such a healthy outlet where i can channel any frustrations and leave it all on the line.

2. morning and night routines

i. want. them. in. my. life (more so, need them in my life). for a while i was in a funk where i would continually snooze my alarm, slide outta bed real groggy, come downstairs, and turn on Netflix while i drank coffee and cooked breakfast and then stayed on the couch watching shows and movies for far, far too long. by the time i got the ball rolling it was well past noon and i felt so unproductive and unmotivated. i’d go to the gym, then come back and immediately get ready for work, and once i got off i’d come home, crack open a brewski, and inevitably watch more Netflix and Hulu. i didn’t know where the time was going, and i realized i needed to spend my energy on more worthwhile past times. 22 is going to be alllll about implementing better routines and practices, and redirecting my priorities. i want to start off my mornings with intention setting, meaning… wake up a decent time (between 7-9), and wake up slowly. do some light stretching in bed, and then step onto my yoga mat for a ten to fifteen minute practice. turn on some music, light some candles and incense, cook a nutritious breakfast. drink at least one big cup full of water, and then perhaps some coffee (i’m working on limiting my caffeine intake). after breakfast, rather than turning on the TV, i want to read, whether that be catching up on the news (also working on staying up-to-date with current events) or one of the many books i have at my disposable, maybe do some dot journaling (my mom recently introduced this concept to me and i am SO excited to start doing it), and then go to the gym for a hot and heavy workout. as for a night routine, i’d like to mirror this practice in some way. unwind with a bath, a read, some yoga or mediation, and then fall asleep to a nature playlist rather than TV in the background. i’m already pretty good about my nightly skin routine, so i want to continue doing that and maybe throw in a weekly face mask or two. in the past when i’ve done these things in the morning and at night, i notice so, so much how it effects the entire rest of my day or the sleep that i get at night. it’s powerful stuff, and i really want to start making a habit of it so it eventually becomes second nature.

3. dot journaling

as i briefly mentioned earlier, dot journaling has got me PUMPED! i’ve always been one of those people who buy a stupid amount of journals, planners, pens, and the likes, just because i can’t resist their sleek designs and pretty colors. however, i have a huge problem actually filling the pages or finding inspiration to keep at it for longer than a couple weeks. dot journaling, on the other hand, holds the power to change all that. it’s everything combined into one and you have complete control over the layout and design of the journal/planner. and there’s an artistic side of it — doodles, themes, calligraphy — speaking of which, my dual brush pens and washi tape came in on Sunday and woo, stoked about that, but damn, calligraphy is a real bitch (haaalp). but bottom line: dot journals allow you to be organized, as well as creative, all in one package. and that’s something i can get behind.

4. blogging + photography

though i haven’t been blogging as often as i envisioned, that’s something i can work on. it’s something i want to work on. just like the gym gives me a physical release, sitting down and making time to write gives me a mental release. it’s a hobby that has helped me throughout my entire life and it’s a hobby i need to prioritize again, because the impact it has on my overall happiness is enormous. my goal is to at least make a weekly post, more if i can manage, but at least one. that’s an attainable goal and i think sitting down once a week to reflect on events and feelings will be incredibly introspective. as for photography, i’ve had a good camera for awhile now and while i may dabble with it here and there, i want to start capturing images consistently. i’ve been doing it more lately, especially with the camera on my new phone, but i think taking pictures of everything throughout even a mundane day would be a fun hobby and bring my attention to the little things in life — like pictures of my meals, my hikes, books i’m currently reading, etc.

5. learn an instrument

learning an instrument has been on my list for the past couple of years and it’s something i easily give up on because i get sooo. damn. frustrated. as a virgo, i am a perfectionist by nature and i am way, way hard on myself. i forget that learning how to play is supposed to be fun and i get super into my head and find myself overwhelmed. steve reminds me all the time that he didn’t get as good as he is at the piano or guitar by quitting and getting mad, but by persisting and getting inspired by the little progress you do make. practice makes perfect, you aren’t going to be amazing in the beginning, but after a while, things get easier, as it is with anything foreign that you give a go. so that’s my goal. lighten up and give my little uke a go (the one that’s been collecting dust for over a year).

6. choose kindness and compassion, always

a big one, sort of obvious, but important. i want to be constantly reminded of this simple rule throughout this year (and all to come) because it makes a big difference in the way you see the world and the way you react to people and situations. sometimes it’s hard to be the bigger person, but when you take a step back and realize that the issue more or less probably has nothing to do with you, it’s easier to empathize with the person you may be having a problem with. and it also just makes you feel good when you can react to something with a full heart rather than a bitter one. even just simply going about your day and smiling at strangers or having genuine interactions with people you come across makes life that much sweeter. when you believe the best and can focus on all that is good, you allow peace to enter your life and well, who doesn’t want that?

7. stay present + don’t sweat the little things

over the years i have learned how freaking necessary it is to one, stay in the moment, and two, observe what you are giving your energy to. when i was younger, i would legitimately make myself sick to the stomach worrying about every little thing, whether it was a public speaking presentation i had to give the next day, the moods of the people around me, things that happened the day before, or things that might happen in the future. i was like a sponge: i absorbed every emotion of myself and of others and amplified it by a hundred. i have since come to the realization that in this strange life of ours on earth, there aren’t many things we can control. sure, we have some say at times, but a lot of shit is kind of just thrown at us and it’s one hundred percent up to us to decide how to handle it. you can make things as big a deal as you want, or you can make them as insignificant as you want. that’s something that is solely within our control. no amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future. so take it day by day. i want one of my mantras of 22 to be focused on staying present, bringing myself back to my center when i start feeling a little off, and asking myself whether or not what i am exuding so much energy on is really worth it. is it worth getting worked up about? is it worth putting myself in a shit mood for the rest of the day? is it really worth all that angst? most times, the answer will be no. our energy is precious. we should treat it as such.

8. stop saying sorry

this is something i find myself doing way. too. often. especially after an argument with steve or someone i care about, i replay it over and over in my head and am harsh on myself about things i may have said and then this giant cloud of… shame? guilt? embarrassment? settles over me and i am suddenly covered in this blanket of remorse regarding the entire situation. after the last time this happened, i had a long pick-me-up convo with my mom and she gave me a solid piece of advice: say sorry once, and then move on, because the best way to show someone you’re truly sorry for your actions is by changing them for the better. and it’s so true. i can’t even tell you how many massive apology texts i have sent to steve over a day’s span, where i just end up this repetitive blubbering mess, and he has to literally put me in my place and say “do you feel better now? because i’ve been over it since it ended. i’m happy. be happy. it’s okay.” it is so easy to make things far more complicated than they need to be in our head — overthinking: the enemy of us all.

9. slow down and smell the roses

this sorta goes hand in hand with staying present, but it’s a reminder to appreciate the little things in life. the sunrises. the sunsets. the changing colors of leaves. the lake 5 minutes from my apartment. the sleepy morning snuggles with steve. the forehead kisses. the smile from a stranger. the regulars at work. seasonal candle scents. good books. cozy blankets. soft sheets. and also… the big things in life. having a freaking roof over my head (a very nice one at that). having an awesome job with great coworkers at the best gem in saratoga. being in a relationship with my absolute best friend who always pushes me to be the best possible version of myself. having a kick ass roommate who i know will be a lifelong friend. having lifelong friends scattered all across the united states. having the amazing family and support system that i do. i’m a person who thrives on action — being on the go go go is my default setting. but if i go too much and too hard, i burn out. i draw inwards. i need a few days to regain composure. if i could just remind myself to do this more often, to take me-time as i need it and to count my blessings, i could very well avoid this altogether.

10. get outside

i feel best when i am enveloped by nature and away from society. it does wonders for my soul, mind, and spirit. yours too, surely. the outdoors really do provide perspective. walk into the woods with a weight on your heart and i promise you by the time you wander out that weight will have been lifted tremendously. i’m a spiritual person, and there are two things in this world that when i am experiencing them, i feel the most love and joy possible, the most connected and in tune with the Divine, and those are hands down, one thousand percent, nature and music. when i’m standing out in the midst of all the beauty this world has to offer, i realize, very quickly, that i am just a speck in the grand scheme of things, just a single point in the vastness of the Universe. and that realization is humbling. it helps me understand how much we let pass by and take for granted. so whether it’s going for a run outside instead of on the treadmill, getting lost in the woods for a hike on my day off, kayaking on a beautiful lake, or escaping to the mountains for a snowboarding trip, i want to make it a priority to get outside and remind myself of the simple beauty and the simple pleasures as often as possible.

11. pay off car debt

thankfully the only debt that steve and i share is the loan on my car — his car is completely paid off and we luckily have no student loans or credit card debt between the two of us. woo! i’ve got about 15 grand left to pay on it, not including the interest that will accumulate. started at 23, so we’re slowly chippin away at the block, but we want to get it down, down, down. i made my first extra payment of a grand last month, and this month i payed an additional $500. we’re finally at a point where we are comfortable with the number in our savings account, and so now anything extra that we would typically transfer to savings we plan on just putting towards the car. because, really, what’s the point of putting it in a savings account where it will just sit when we could be using it to help get the debt down? in order to finish paying it off in a year, we’d have to pay roughly double what my monthly payment is now, so around $650, which is totally achievable. we’ll pay more when we can, but at least having that number in our head as a strong goal is a good start.

12. get real estate license  

i’ve struggled with finding a career fit that i feel is perfect for me. while i know my dream job would have a mix of traveling, writing, photography, and interesting endeavors where i can connect with tons of new people, i’m not super sure how to attain that right now. at the moment, i’m content with what i’m doing as a server. i make good money, i have a semi-flexible schedule, and i do get to meet and talk with people from all around the world considering it’s an inn. but i do want more. and while that dream job will always be in the back of my mind and have a spot in my heart, the real estate industry is booming and if you know me, you know i love love looove HGTV, so selling homes and condos and the likes is something i think would be super fun. and even though it’s technically the same thing every day, it’s different places with new clients and if i get really good i could make some mad dough brudda. it’s a relatively quick process to get your license and then from there it’s just workin up the ladder and proving yourself. so whether steve and i end up in Washington or end up in Hawaii, it’s something i’m going to look into and pursue.

13. continue learning and growing with steve

with every moment that passes, i become more and more convinced that steve is the person i was supposed to end up with. i used to get scared every time we would have an argument or fight, and it took me a while to pinpoint where all my post-anxiety was stemming from, but i finally figured it out. i was scared that with every fight, i was pushing him away. that i was somehow destroying us, little by little, even if the argument had been a valid one. i was scared that all the not-so-pretty moments with me would eventually tarnish the way he saw me and loved me. i was scared to lose him, scared that one day he might wake up and think this isn’t for him. sounds crazy, but it’s that whole too-good-to-be-true fear. but i don’t look at our arguments and fights like that anymore. it’s just the opposite. i see them as making us stronger. all of the not-so-pretty moments are essential. marriage isn’t about agreeing with each other on every little thing and upholding this bullshit perfect couple expectation, it’s about agreeing to disagree and figuring out how to come together and grow despite it. i cannot foresee a situation that would break steve and i apart; i truly believe that no matter what may arise, him and i can work through it and grow closer. my faith in us as separate individuals and as a united forefront is so incredibly strong and i know that with every good day and every bay day that passes, we will get better. as people. as wife and husband. as best friends.

14. get my feng-shui on

you have NO IDEA just how stoked i am to get a new pad wherever steve and i end up next and go all out decorating it extreme pinterest style. the majority of our furniture came from my first solo apartment, the downtown studio in Washington, so it’s all relatively small pieces and things that have served their purpose but would not be extremely missed. my vision is to create a real cozy vibe, neutral colors with pops of color (think pastels). open floor plan, lots of plants and flowers, wall hangings, paintings, throw blankets, candle trays. a new bed, duvet comforter, plush pillows, dim lighting. an office space, with an actual desk and a dedicated area where i can be inspired to write, journal, doodle, and unleash my creativity. a touch of bohemian, a touch of modern, a touch of minimalism. i read a book on how aspects of feng-shui rely on your personality type and personal preferences, which i thought was neat since so many people regard feng-shui as a lil wacky and unreasonably strict in its principles. but i think educating yourself on its principles and applying what resonates with you is really all you need to do, take what you want and scrap the rest. practicing feng-shui should be about designing a space that brings outside elements inside, in order to create the ideal blend of balance between nature and yourself in the place that should serve as your everyday oasis, your home-sweet-home.

15. finish my half-sleeve

a project that has needed completion for quite some time now. i’m up to 5 tattoos, which is not much when you look at my sisters and my dad. we are an ink-lovin’ family; the needle is our therapy (that could be misconstrued but i think you know what i’m sayin’). and while there are plenty more that i plan on getting, designing the rest of this half sleeve is my priority. currently the only thing i have for it is my darling bodhisattva, whom i absolutely adore. we’ll get to this more in #16, but the religion whose philosophy and ideals i align with most is Buddhism, and in Buddhism, a bodhisattva is “the Sanskrit term for anyone who has generated Bodhicitta, a spontaneous wish and compassionate mind to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings” – basically, just a regular ole person who takes it upon him or herself to move the direction of their life in the way of the Buddha. i love the meaning behind my tattoo, i love that she sits on a lotus flower, i love the sunset colors of the mandala that lays behind her head, and i love that i gave my artist the outline of what i wanted and allowed her to fill it however she thought best. it turned out better than i ever could have imagined, and i want the rest of the sleeve to be just as amazing. so one, i need to find an artist whom i want to give creative reign over it, and two, i need to come up with a rough idea of the elements i want included. i want it to fall underneath spiritualness and nature, considering the two other tattoos on my left arm are a wispy, lotus and dot inspired arrow, and an image of a starry night underneath a snowy mountain (in the shape of a triangle) with evergreen trees on the side and a crescent moon directly above. what i’m thiiiiiinking, is… a combo of yin and yang, sacred geometry, and waves, connected and blended together in some really dope way. sounds… expensive. but badass.

16. find a spiritual practice + outlet

you know those people who say “i’m not religious, i’m spiritual”? i’m one of them. religion is a weird concept to me. it’s a double edged sword. at the end of the day, we all believe in the same thing. we just have different ways of identifying and expressing it. we all believe there is a higher power. we all believe in karma in one form or another. we all believe that this human life is part of something much grander. so we’re all right. or we’re all wrong. regardless, we’re pretty much on the same page. i think the key to unlocking this great cosmic mind fuck lies within the lines of science and spirituality. though science relies on facts and things you can prove, and spirituality relies on faith and things you cannot prove, together they help explain each other. God has many different names to many different people, but i see God as the universe itself. and one thing i’ve noticed that religion has that i do not regularly incorporate, is a way of honoring and practicing beliefs. mostly, i practice my spirituality through the way i live my life – how i treat others, how i perceive experiences, how i approach situations — but i don’t set specific times to sit down, reflect, and connect with the higher power, like most religions do on Sunday. i may meditate from time to time, try crystal work, or read books about the universe and spirit, but it’s not part of a routine. it’s hard to maintain focus and really sink into the mind-body connection of meditation and yoga, or to implement prayers and affirmations from books on a consistent and successful basis. part of that i know is due to the fact that i don’t keep up with it. sorta ties back with my inability to play an instrument. i get frustrated, then i give up. but it’s so important not to, because it gets easier, then it gets really enjoyable. this is something i need to remember, to engrain into my head and never forget. so, as part of my morning and night routines, i’m going to make a habit of connecting to the universe, to manifesting and growing in my faith through meditation. and i’m going to stick with it. forreal this time.

17. be more involved in the community

in small ways, in big ways, in whatever way i can. i just want to start helping and giving back. steve and i have always talked about wanting to find charities we believe in and donating monthly to them, but we haven’t began research yet because we want to be able to give generously, which is something we can’t do too crazily at the moment. i’m starting to realize that it doesn’t matter the amount we give, just the fact that we’re giving at all. even if it’s just a hundred dollars a month, it’s something, and that’s better than nothing. apart from charities, i could give back to the local community through volunteer work with animal shelters, the homeless, or maintaining parks. and on a global scale, i would love to be able to help with natural disaster relief, ocean clean up, or those in need in poverty-stricken countries.

18. EDC Las Vegas

the experience of going to a music festival is like no other. happiest moments of my life, hands own. the energy is unparalleled. you meet the raddest people, you get dressed up, you see your favorite artists live, and you getcha groove on with your pals all day and night dancing under the sun and moon. it’s fucking awesome. i seriously wish i could get paid to go to all sorts of music festivals and just write and photograph everything about them (dream job, hello). i’ve been to several, but not nearly as much as i would like. i’ve seen twenty one pilots, cherub, big gigantic, flume, odesza, the chainsmokers,  jauz, kaskade, halsey, lorde, mgmt, wiz khalifa, bryson tiller, dillon francis, the dirty heads, soja, slightly stoopid, stick figure, boombox, the list goes on — unfortunately, mac miller will never get the chance to make it on that list (RIP, angel). red rocks in CO and the gorge in WA are stunning venues, highly credited to the nature they are surrounded by, but going to Vegas for a festival has been in the books for awhiiiile. i am SO beyond ready for the lights, the art, the rides, the music. EDC Las Vegas 2019 is May 17-19, and i. will. be. there. (tickets go on sale in 3 days!)

19. plan a backpacking trip

inspired by one of my dearest friends chiara, by Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild, by my love of disconnecting from society and getting in touch with my inner-self through nature, planning a long backpacking trip (i’m talking weeks on weeks) is something i have always dreamed of doing. i envision the whole ordeal as an eye-and-soul opening experience, though i’m not naive enough to believe that it’ll be all rainbows and butterflies. i’ve read enough to know it’s gonna be painful. there will be aches, blisters, and loneliness. there will be hunger, thirst, and far too much sweat. there will be road blocks, scares, and thoughts of defeat. but there will also be breakthroughs, enlightenments, and breathtaking views. there will be openness, relief, and peace. there will be new friendships, new memories, and new stories of a lifetime. i can’t logically explain why i’m so passionate about this desire, but my spirit is craving it. slowly but surely i have started to accumulate gear and supplies for the journey,  and once i know where steve and i will be for the next few years, i’m sitting down to address all the details.

20. track money spending + limit eating out (get a budget?)

my mother will love this one. she is the budget QUEEN (her youtube channel is freedomoverdebt, check it out). i’ve never been huge on creating a spreadsheet for a budget, i kinda just manage as i go, which may sound sketchy but it’s worked pretty well for me. as soon as i turned 16 i got a job and opened a savings account, and largely due to the advice of my mom and stepdad, would deposit a significant amount of my paychecks into said account and have the remaining to spend frivolously (er, responsibly). and ever since, money has never really been an issue for me. my anxiety level for the amount of money i have in my savings continues to go up and up as the number rises, and eventually i’m freaking out when i only have $6,000 sittin’ pretty, when in reality there are plenty of people who would be stoked to have 6 grand in their bank account (and plenty others who would cry at that chump change). i consider myself blessed to have been raised in good context regarding managing money, but i know i could be doing better. though steve and i have a double income household, both making pretty good money, there are months we don’t know where the money goes. we eat out more than we should, i give into lattes and Marshall’s more than i’d like, and we’re a little too supportive of our vices (nicotine and booze, anyone?). and while we are by no means struggling financially, it would certainly be a revelation to see just how much a month we spend on these things. i remember when i first moved to south carolina and steve made me read a book he had just finished called Your Money or Your Life, and we both loved it so much we vowed that we were going to follow the steps and plans in the book so we could succeed financially in our marriage. we vowed till we didn’t. we got distracted with life and the book started gathering dust. that is, till i pulled it out this morning and brought it back to both our attention. and now it’s back on the agenda. hooyah.

21. indulge in self-love + gratitude 

this year i’m all about falling in love with myself and with life. 90% of the time, i’m a happy vibrant lil thing. but the other 10%, i’m insecure and nervous and doubtful. and i would like that to go away. we all have our imperfections, i know that, and i also know that it’s impossible to dodge all the negativity, but i can surely try. when my bad days hit, i throw myself for a loop. though i know that a change in perspective is necessary to lift out of the funk, when i’m in the funk, i struggle with doing that. my ego feeds on bad thought after bad thought, and i eventually crumble, cursing and crying and drowning. but the times that i have managed to let a good thought in and allow that to change the course of my mood, i laugh at how easy it is. it’s so simple. insecurities are, anyway. true trauma is a whole other thing, but self inflicted pain is simple. light cannot shine without darkness. it’s important to recognize and honor the way you are feeling, and it is just as important to remind yourself of all the reasons why the way you are feeling is skewed and where the way you are feeling stems from. i recently finished a book that had a really powerful quote: “if you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim” — where our focus goes, our energy goes. and our energy is precious, remember? so focus it on all the qualities you love about yourself, about your friends, about your family, about your life.

22. practice minimalism 

alas, the final number in this list. minimalism, the main manta for this ride around the sun. during the year of 22, i want to d-e-c-l-u-t-t-e-r & m-i-n-i-m-i-z-e. everything. my attachment to “things”. my fears. my excuses. my distractions. my consumerism. i want to stop giving meaning to what doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme. living mindfully and living minimally go hand in hand; when you start to attribute value to passions, relationships, and personal growth over the clutter of material possessions and your crazy ego, you grant minimalism the magic it needs in order to help you live a more purpose driven life. my goal is to create more and consume less. to value quality over quantity. to pursue my passions. to live in the moment. to discover purpose and experience real. freaking. freedom. i aim to let go of worldly distractions and to find true happiness through experiencing life itself, not through all the excess stuff (although who am i kidding, Chic-fil-a and a good shade of lipstick are never out of the question).

so there you have it: the year of 22 in initial review. to be honest, i’m surprised i’ve never done something like this before, even prior to having a blog. sure, i’ve made lists of goals but i’ve never created one for my birthday, or one so in depth. writing all of this out has inspired me even more to tackle this list — i strongly encourage anyone reading this to take the time to sit and reflect on any changes you’d like to make or feats you’d like to conquer.

well darlings, i’m signing off ’till next time. which should be sometime later this week… but if not then, definitely next week. cuz it’s on the list, ya know, and i’m finally givin’ up givin’ up.

lotsa love,


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