3 months, 2 long


ellllllo angels! 

Who would have known that my last “’till next time” would be three months later… wait, heh, we all did, because I. Am. The. Worst. atstickingtopromises. Which I realize makes me sound like a real A+ human, but at least I can admit to my flaws. And it’s usually just at sticking to promises I make to myself, so I’m still semi-decent. Semi. But let’s not dwell on my shortcomings.

Let’s focus on my up-and-comings.

Or as I like to call em, my already-happened-but-let’s-fill-you-guys-in-anyway-comings. 😉

List style, this is what’s new in my world:

  • Visited my mom, step-dad, and brother last month before my mom dipped out to Korea for a year
  • Lost our roomies and best friends when they got orders to move to Norfolk, Virginia
  • Found out Steve got picked up as staff and promoted, meaning we’re in New York for at least another year
  • Said goodbye to our beautiful Malta apartment and moved into a cozy, little pink Downtown Toga house (with it’s own personal courtyard!)

Coming from a military upbringing, ya girl is used to leaving loved ones behind, even family. I dealt with multiple deployments growing up — my dad gone, my mom gone, both of them being gone at the same time. So when I flew the coop for good, it wasn’t as hard for me as it was for others to say goodbye to mommy-and-daddy since I’d had to do it so many times before. And now that I’m on the complete opposite side of the country from either of them (now countries apart from my mom), seeing them is more of a once, maybe twice a year sorta thing. Before flying home to Colorado last month, I hadn’t seen my mom, brother, and Josh in over a year, since when I first road tripped from Washington to South Carolina to be with Steve. And what made it even more of a treat (besides the fact that now when I go to CO I have two families — el Duncan’s — to visit), is that I actually got to go back to a house that I was familiar with. While this type of thing isn’t a rarity for many children, it’s a rarity for military children. I’ve never lived in a place for longer than three years, so apart from the house my dad lived in after retiring, going back to a place I’d been at or lived in before was a foreign concept. But lemme tell you, it’s a nice feeling. It’s like leaving your home only to come back to your second home — strange, but nice.

And it was while I was in Colorado that Steve sprang the news on me that we needed to find a new place to live, so in between coffee-fueled Cribbage matches and rough-housing with Vin, I was drinking Google dry for prospective new homes. Tentatively, I found three possible options and set up appointments for Steve with realtors to go check ’em out. You know how trying to find a new place to live in a super short amount of time can be ridiculously stressful and have you all bugged out with anxiety? Well… this was not one of those experiences. The process was so smooth and everything aligned so perfectly that it actually bugged me out in the too-good-to-be-true sorta way. Our applications were approved before I even touched back down in New York, and we signed the lease exactly a week later, giving me just enough time to pack everything up. We moved in on the 5th, got everything unpacked, received our very expensive Wayfair order (yay, we finally have a coffee table! and a TV stand!! and a TV!!!), and now we are officially settled into our new home sweet home. 

I need you guys to know — I adore this new house of ours. It was a bummer when we found out the Snyd’s had to move, and even more of a bummer when our potential backup roommate fell through, but you know what they say… everything happens for a reason. That apartment was a blessing, and so perfect while we lived with Kat and Anthony. We have memories for a lifetime that took place in that luxurious 1412 loft, and I wouldn’t trade our time there with them for anything. But now that it’s just back to the two of us, having an actual house smack dab downtown is ideal for us. It’s definitely smaller than our old place, but it’s just big enough. And it’s so stinking cute. Charming, cozy, home-y. AND, AND, AND… we have a porch!! With old white columns, a cobble stone courtyard, and a fancy used grill that the previous owner left to us (we know it’s fancy because it came with a cover 😉 ) — cha-ching. Not to mention it’s a five minute drive to work, the movie theater, Spot Coffee, and the bars on Caroline. Can I get a hellllll yuhhhh!

The cherry on top of all this exciting newness, you ask? I have finally figured out what to do with my life. Big freaking moment, I know. I’ve decided to wait until we actually get to our first duty station to go back to school, because transferring is a pain in the ass I don’t feel like dealing with, but when I do, it’ll be for Kinesiology. This past year has made me realize how much passion I have for health and fitness, and the neat thing about Kinesiology is that it brings a whole spiritual healing twist on the subject, focusing on the mind-body-spirit complex, which I love. The coursework is going to be a whole lotta math and science, which previously would have discouraged me from even going after it at all, but after taking some time off from school, I know now that I have way more discipline and passion for what I’ll be pursuing, and that’ll help immensely with all the frustrated tears and why-the-hell-am-I-doing-this rants. I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that during this year long grace period, I will be able to get my Personal Training Certification. A lot of the training and classes for it are online, and even though I’m starting to bartend now (very stoked about this, it’s been three years waiting), I want to have another goal, something directed towards my professional future, that I’m focused and working on. It’s been a long time coming but it feels really, really good to have a plan for myself, a plan that revolves around something I’m truly passionate about and that I can build a promising career from. I have conquered the twenty-something-whatthefuckamiDOING-freak-out!… to an extent. 

You’d think for me being three months absent on this blog I’d have more to share… buuuut… notsomuch.

Although, update: Steve and I are starting a budget, woo! We’re actually about to start working on it this morning as soon as I publish this bad boy, and it’s really more of a total money paradigm shift than a budget. It’s a 9 step process based off of Vicki Robin’s New York Times bestseller, Your Money or Your Life, and needless to say, it’s secrets are fundamental, revolutionary even if taken seriously. There’s a lot to it but basically the goal of the book is to make you far more money conscious and realize how much life energy you’re exerting on materialistic items. It helps break down any negative beliefs you may have surrounding money, instead showing you how to view it in a new light so you can figure out how much is enough for you, shattering the ill-painted illusion of “more is better”. So not only does this book hold the promise of saving you a shit ton of money, but it also holds the promise of molding you into a better, less fucked up person. Winna winna, chicken dinna.

For any of those who are reading this, first may I say, bless your souls. Thank you. I’m thinking of maybe writing posts about other things, like… gym tips? favorite discount workout wear? all the weird shit I’ve learned from drunken google searches? I dunno man, you tell me. If any of you have ideas for something you’d like to read about, holla at cha gurl. Because it appears I’m best at rambling on and on about my life to strangers, which is both embarrassing and comical, but it doesn’t hurt to have content that is more — er, dare I say — interesting for total… strangers on the web? 

Comments are below, fire away.

Seriously, fire. I need to know people are actually reading this thing.

Till next time lovelies 

(hopefully not three months from now),


4 thoughts on “3 months, 2 long

  1. I’d love to hear more about your journey in health. Gym tips are always encouraged, especially from real people. Not that IG-lookingforlikes-ho shit.

    Also, you should post about the hidden or not-so-hidden cafes and places you eat/shop around your idealic little town. Reading peoples blogs allow others to escape their own reality and live vicariously through you… so give the people what they want!!!


  2. Congratulations on the new house!! I’m so incredibly proud of you Jordan. I can’t wait to continue following this journey along with you.


    1. Thank you!! It’s like a bigger, 2.0 edition of my studio apartment in Washington, I’m obsessed! & I appreciate your support regardless of how infrequently I post 😉 Love you lots xx


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