5×5 for the 25th

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

While I hope all of y’alls latter, colder months have been spent wrapped head to toe in ultimate holiday cheer, this holiday season is feeling a little less festive for me — it’s the first one I haven’t spent with any of my immediate family, or truly celebrated in any way (sounds depressing, geez). And not that dear hubs Steve isn’t familia, but celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas growing up had its traditions: small (or sometimes big), intimate family gatherings, where we all dressed up and spent the day cooking, watching movies, playing games, eating, drinking, and being merry. This year, I spent Thanksgiving on a plane, went to Best Buy for some pre-funk Black Friday shopping as soon as I landed, ate dinner at Denny’s because it was the only place open (after I rode there in the trunk of our friend’s car because the new 50 inch TV took up the entire back seat), and concluded the day with some good ol’ Netflix and chill (heh, heh) with Steve. And well, as far as Christmas goes… we ain’t got no tree, we ain’t got no family, and we ain’t got the day to celebrate it anyway, because Steve has been at work since 2 pm (go back and re-read that in a Smokey from Friday voice, please).

But you know what, that’s okay. Steve and I spent all night yesterday watching Christmas movies, and I’ve pretty much continued that on in to today… with a big ole’ bottle of Pinot Grigio and some good ole’ fashioned Dunkin Donuts. The gym is closed, I don’t have work, and I have nobody around, so I’m essentially forced to sit down and zen into the self-care realm, which is proving to be pretty amazing. It’s a Merry Christmas indeed.

And so in the spirit of things, I thought it’d be fun to do a 5×5 things about me post, 25 tid-bits for the 25th of December!

3 months, 2 long


ellllllo angels! 

Who would have known that my last “’till next time” would be three months later… wait, heh, we all did, because I. Am. The. Worst. atstickingtopromises. Which I realize makes me sound like a real A+ human, but at least I can admit to my flaws. And it’s usually just at sticking to promises I make to myself, so I’m still semi-decent. Semi. But let’s not dwell on my shortcomings.

Let’s focus on my up-and-comings.

Or as I like to call em, my already-happened-but-let’s-fill-you-guys-in-anyway-comings. 😉

List style, this is what’s new in my world:

life is good

Surprise: this post will be written in proper, educated, upper and lower case grammar. Shocker! Little did you expect, I do know how to write like an actual human being (I took typing classes for two years during school and used to take those ‘how many words can you type in a minute’ challenges online all the time… for fun). For some reason, when I’m typing for my blog, my go to is all lower-case, probably because it reminds me more of free-flow writing like you would in a journal — just write, don’t look back. But I recently finished Anna Kendrick’s book Scrappy Little Nobody and I. Am. Inspired. Totally in love with her. It’s official. She’s beautiful, she’s sassy, she’s intelligent, she’s witty. I adore her. And she writes with proper grammar. So I thought — why the hell shouldn’t I!

the big 22

HI! been. a. while……….. amiright.

there is so much i want to share. so so much. i’m cringing at how long it has been since i’ve last posted — eeeek. i am truly sorry. i have started three blog posts since last writing and every time, i have gotten completely distracted and the posts have (obviously) yet to come to fruitation. and now the list of things i want to share and talk about is so long i’ve decided i need to come up with a buffer post while i finish churning out all my thoughts for that one. *sigh* ya girl really needs to start keepin up.

but i digress. i’m breaking the dry spell now, and that’s what counts. last week i celebrated my 22nd birthday (with plenty of sushi and champagne… and maybe a touch too much titos), and while twenty-two still pretty much feels the exact same as twenty-one, this fresh start has me all inspired to sit down and reflect on the changes and goals i want to focus on during this next ride around the sun. that being said… i present to you my list of twenty-two — 22 things i want to focus on, remember, work through, and achieve during this year.

*forewarning* this post is much longer than i intended it to be, but there’s no way in hell i’m editing it, because well, i like what i said. and i think you will too. so… keep reading 😉

here’s to one year

today marks Steve and I’s first year together as a married couple. one: how fucking crazy is that. two: how fucking crazy is that! 

and at the same time it’s not so crazy. i could not imagine a single other person i would want to carry out the rest of this human existence with. i believe our souls are linked together, interwoven and destined to find each other in this lifetime. yes, i know, barf. but i believe, one hundred percent, in my bones, that he is my person. the yin to my yang. my partner through it all.

so instead of writing a sappy post to you guys about him… this is my (sappyish) letter to him.

serendipity and the city

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welcome back beauties!!!

i have so much to share! first and foremost… can we all just take a second to marvel at how gorgeous the timing of the universe is? i mean, when you simply let go and fall into the flow of it… it’s pretty crazy to see what events unfold. i bring this up because i’ve been on the job hunt for well, the past month or so since i’ve been in new york. for the last year, i have been determined to get my foot in the door with bartending. considering my years of serving experience, i figured it doable, especially since my last two jobs were planning to train me in the bar until i spouted the news of my impending out-of-state move… story of my life. there was one Indeed ad in particular that jumped out at me: a quaint little inn located downtown, searching for an experienced server who was keen on the idea of being trained as a bartender… h-e-l-l-o, sign me up. what a god-sent. did they write this specifically for me or what? 

pleased to meet ya

hello dear ones!

allow me to introduce myself. my name is jordan duncan, maiden name lanegan, i’m 21, living in New York, and yes you read that right i’m 21 and married, i like to hike, i’ve swam with whale sharks, i’m a waitress, and i just went blonde (kinda).

cordialities over, may i just start this off with saying… you have absolutely no idea how long it has taken me to reach this point – the point of actually creating well… this. a blog. an online diary. a hobby. a release. a somethin. if you only knew how many hours (countless) i have spent talking about curating this baby. you’d laugh. a lot.